Pavement QA/QC Service

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About this Project

Project name: Pavement QA/QC Service – Qatar

ITEN Project team: Khaled Hassan (IRD), Arthur Hannah (Fifty2Consultancy), Cliff Nichols (ITEN associate) and Helen Bailey (Driven)

Project summary: This ITEN project team provided technical services for the development of pavement quality manuals and characterisation of construction materials.

The consultancy service was within the ANAS/Ashghal QA/QC project and covered pavement construction materials of bitumen, aggregate, recycled materials, asphalt mixtures, unbound and cement bound base and subbase materials.

The ITEN team successfully delivered four manuals on binders, aggregate, stabilization, and recycling in pavement.

The charcterisation of pavement materials was also reported for asphalt mix design, asphalt performance, unbound materials and stabilised pavement layers.

The project was within the quality improvement scheme for the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in Qatar.

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