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Our members have collaborated on many projects bringing together their skills and expertise from across various disciplines. View some of our projects below.

PIARC – Carbon Neutrality of the Road Sector

Whilst net zero carbon and carbon neutrality have different definitions (theoretically there is no need to reduce carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality), the need to drastically reduce carbon emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is well understood. The work from this project will highlight the technical potential for a drastic reduction in the carbon intensity of road construction, maintenance and operation.

SBRI – Transport Priorities Review for UKRI

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) is a flexible funding mechanism available to the public sector for procurement of R&D where there is an identified need that is not being met by current market solutions.  However, despite its successful application within many organisations, it is not being used to its full potential.  The client wished to address this and to identify challenge areas suitable for innovation funding.

CERCOM - Circular Economy in Road Construction and Maintenance

Implementation of CE has the potential to tackle the root causes of global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

The CERCOM project will deliver an innovative risk based framework and management tool to facilitate a step change in the adoption of RE & CE principles in procurement and multilifecycle management by NRAs across Europe.

RSTA Carbon Emissions for Road Surface and other Maintenance Treatments Report and Guidance

Road surface treatments are methods or materials for extending the lifetime of road pavements, delaying the need for major maintenance or rehabilitation. 

The purpose of this work was to follow a required methodology for producing a carbon footprint and apply this to the different treatments as well as the conventional methods of resurfacing or patching, to determine which approach has a lower carbon footprint.

ATRAIL – Using consumer technology to assess active travel routes

Active travel is enabled by dedicated safe routes. Assessment of footways and cycleways, whether for planning improvements, assessing maintenance or monitoring interventions, is currently a predominately manual process with limited data available to support it. The vision for ATRAIL was to deliver a low-cost footway and cycleway survey solution that can be used by local authorities to simplify and speed up the assessment of their footway and cycleway assets and streetscapes.

Pavement QA/QC Service - Qatar

This ITEN project team provided technical services for the development of pavement quality manuals and characterisation of construction materials, successfully delivering four manuals on binders, aggregate, stabilization, and recycling in pavement.

Innovation in the UK Rail Industry

ITEN conducted a piece of work to explore the system-wide challenges underlying the delivery of a dynamic timetabling capability to the railway industry and developed a scope of works for a possible innovation competition to address the challenge

Positive Energy Roads

ITEN members, Martin Lamb, Helen Viner, Bill McMahon and Vijay Ramdas recently addressed the reality of Positive Energy Roads in a project for the World Road Association (PIARC)

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