Professor Alan O’Connor

Director and Chairman of the Board of Research Driven Solutions

Alan O’Connor is a Chartered Engineer and Professor in Civil Engineering at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He has written over 250 scientific papers and has extensive national/international experience in infrastructural risk analysis and probabilistic safety assessment.


ITEN priorities for the new Prime Minister

Among the many challenges facing the new PM, transport is critical as it intersects with climate, health and economy, each of which is facing pressing challenges. This is a prime opportunity to re-evaluate transport policy such that it delivers essential change.  We...

Creating Cohesive Communities across the Cardiff Capital Region with Amey Consulting

ITEN member Martin Lamb has recently collaborated with Amey Consulting to produce a second white paper on ‘Creating Cohesive Communities across the Cardiff Capital Region’. Setting out Amey's ambition for creating a cohesive network of thriving Welsh communities...

Circular Economy in Road Construction and Maintenance

The ITEN team are pleased to announce their involvement in a new research project, CERCOM (The Circular Economy in Road COnstruction and Maintenance) which brings together leading European researchers, academics, engineers, and consultants, who are well placed to...

Creating Cohesive Communities with Martin Lamb

ITEN member, Martin Lamb of Maple Consulting Ltd, has been working with Amey Consulting as part of a team that launched a report into 'Creating Cohesive Communities'. The “Creating Cohesive Communities” White Paper has been launched by Amey Consulting with the aim...

Building Back Better: Business Opportunities for Public Transport

During the past few months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public transport use has plummeted 90%. It is estimated that use will continue to remain below pre-COVID levels for some time to come due to lockdown restrictions still easing slowly. However, this figure...

Urgency of Reductions in Carbon Emissions from Transport

In a recent article for Thinking Highways, ITEN members Helen Viner, Vijay Ramdas, Prof. Alan Stevens, Martin Lamb and Iain Knight discuss the urgency of reductions in carbon emissions from transport and the complexities involved in reducing transport energy...

Gamechanger – How COVID-19 Might Change Transport Forever

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into lockdown, traffic numbers showed a sharp decline. Traffic use dropped 75% around the world with the positive outcome of air pollution levels reducing dramatically. Much of this is down to the increasing number of those...

The Value of Automation in Construction Plant

When the topic of automated vehicles arises, you would be forgiven for thinking of our day to day cars with automatic features, perhaps automated truck convoys and at a push, low-speed autonomous delivery pods being trialled for delivery services in urban areas. The...

The Need for Change in the Construction Industry

In an article for Constructing Excellence in Wales, ITEN member Martin Lamb explore the notion that if the construction industry treated their staff and supply chain better, they would see multiple benefits in productivity, employee satisfaction and bottom line. 

The Reality of Delivering Positive Energy Roads

Is renewable energy from within the road authority estate now a feasible option? ITEN members, Martin Lamb, Helen Viner, Bill McMahon and Vijay Ramdas recently addressed the reality of Positive Energy Roads in a project for the World Road Association (PIARC)

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