ITEN Member and Founder of Reed Mobility Nick Reed, recently spoke at Landor LINKS Transport AI conference in Manchester.

On the 23rd January 2024, Landor LINKS Ltd held the Transport AI conference to discuss and understand the opportunities and challenges of AI. The event brought public and private sector professionals together to discuss developments in artificial intelligence (AI) as they relate to transport and planning. Transport AI 2024 is managed by a Steering Group drawn from across the transport technology sector.

AI-powered solutions have the potential to revolutionise the way we transport people and goods, to manage traffic flows and to plan and design successful places. As we have integrated AI into our lives, we have questioned its safety, benefits, trustworthiness and usability.

The conference provided opportunity to gain insights on how local authorities and consultants are aided by AI-powered products, services and tools as well as delving into planning an AI readiness strategy. The AI development curve; utilising AI to add value but time-saving, cost-saving and automating routine task was considered throughout the day. Panellists shared the understanding of the resourcing, procurement, human and ethical factors that will underpin the development and take-up of AI across the transport sector.

Nick Reed, founder at Reed Mobility, attended the conference as a panellist along side Dr. Martin Dürr, Ashley Feldman, Peter Lindgren and Andy Graham and chaired by Sharon Kindleysides. Via a recent LinkedIn post, Nick says:

“A pleasure to speak at the Landor LINKS Ltd Transport AI 2024 conference in Manchester today where I had the opportunity to talk about my work for BSI on the concept of Digital Commentary Driving as a potential technique for providing greater transparency and assurance on the safety of vehicles guided by artificial intelligence”

To find out more information about the conference and exhibition visit their website here >