Iain Knight, Founder and Director of Apollo Vehicle Safety Limited, has been interviewed by Driver Assist, looking at his current situation and what the future holds for Apollo Vehicle Safety.

Iain has been involved in vehicle safety research for 26 years with most of his formative years spent in the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). During that time, he covered a huge range of technical subjects across all vehicle types from mainstream cars to oversized road trains, at one extreme, and micro-mobility at the other with stops including agricultural vehicles and other off-road machinery. However, through all that diversity, two broad themes have formed the majority of his work: collision avoidance technology and commercial vehicles (trucks and buses).

Apollo was started by Iain alone and has grown into leading work for Transport for London on the potential for AEB Pedestrian to be fitted to city buses capable of carrying unrestrained and/or standing passengers.

When asked what the future holds for Apollo, Iain said:

The future is going to be an exciting time in transport generally and we are looking forward to it at Apollo. Decarbonisation, new mobility modes, and automation all need to be developed in their own right, but perhaps even more importantly, need to integrate and work together safely and sustainably. There is an enormous amount of work to do. These are challenges that all in the sector face. Our aim at Apollo is to continue in our role, forming a bridge between industry, innovators, policymakers, and regulators to try to ensure public and private policy decisions are as well informed as they can be and implemented effectively and efficiently. A particular interest of ours is to ensure that due consideration is extended to trucks, buses, off-road, and other niche commercial vehicles as well as the usual focus on passenger cars and personal mobility.

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