On Thursday March 25th, a ‘Meet Convex’ event invited participants to learn more about a new mobility data sharing platform that has emerged as the result of an £8m UK Government supported project, led by Transport for West Midlands in a consortium with Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, WMG, Immense, Synaptiv and Valerann.

The result is Convex, a data exchange that is owned and operated by the software company, Chordant. The vision for Convex began with ITEN member, Nick Reed, who led the bid for the project whilst working at Bosch.


Now an independent consultant (Reed Mobility), Nick hosted the launch event, opening with an address by Lord Grimstone, UK Minister of State for Trade. Zenzic CEO, Dr Daniel Ruiz, thereafter set out how Convex fits into Zenzic’s Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Testbed UK facilities, as part of a world leading environment for the development of connected and automated vehicles. Immense, Synaptiv and Valerann showed videos demonstrating how their propositions (for city-scale simulations, connected car analytics and connected infrastructure respectively) are powered by Convex and a final panel session brought together representatives from the public, private and research sectors to discuss how the data sharing platform might help to deliver the vision for a mobility system that is safer, cleaner and better.


In closing the event, Nick reflected how the platform is only as good as the data it holds and the use cases it enables so the task now is to ensure that Convex makes previously inaccessible datasets more accessible and thereby unlocks value for stakeholders such as vehicle manufacturers, transport infrastructure operators and mobility service providers.

Nick Reed hosting 'Meet Convex'

Nick Reed hosting ‘Meet Convex’


Convex sits at the intersection between Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Transport Network Operators, and Mobility Service Providers, enabling integrated mobility solutions that rely on data exchange.


Learn more about Convex via their website.